The Divisions

Gynecology Unit (Director: Dr. R. Sagiv)   
The whole spectrum of surgical interventions is offered, including extensive gynecological surgery, operative hysteroscopy and extensive laparoscopic procedures.
The modern gynecologic emergency unit has been inaugurated in recently and is located adjacent to the newly constructed gynecology ward. The unit features a comfortable waiting area, a large interview and examination suite and a temporary hospitalization room. The unit handles over annual 8000 visits.
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Urogynecology & Reconstructive Pelvic Floor Sugery Unit (Director: Dr. A. condrea)
The unit of Urogynecology and reconstructive pelvic floor surgery provides comprehensive services of diagnosis, treatment and follow-up for women with urinary stress incontinence and pelvic floor prolapse.

Maternal-Fetal Medicine Unit (Director: Prof. J. Bar)
The Maternal- Fetal Medicine Unit of the department consists of a 14-bed inpatient facility and outpatient clinics with an antenatal testing center. Tertiary care on all aspects of fetal and maternal diseases is provided by a fully integrated team of a subspecialty trained perinatologist, a genetician, diabetologist, social workers, dieticians, registered nurses with perinatal training and ancillary staff. The unit offers advanced prenatal diagnostic techniques with expertise in invasive and medical therapy of treatable fetal diseases. The unit has pioneered the clinical investigation of beta core fragment screening for Down syndrome in collaboration with Yale University. It also serves as a research site for the United States National Institutes of Health, Perinatology Research Branch and the head of the unit serves as consultant to the NIH in Perinatal Medicine.

Delivery Ward (Director: Prof. O. Sadan)
The modern delivery ward has recently been completely reconstructed includes a four – room obstetric out -patient emergency unit, 10 individual delivery positions, an on-site fully equipped operating theatre and handles close to 3000 annual deliveries. All delivery rooms are equipped with an infant treatment unit and PCA machines (Patient controlled analgesia). Two delivery suites are equipped for natural delivery. The delivery ward is fully computerized. The delivery ward offers a wide range of natural birth options including Shiatsu, reflexology, aromatic ether therapy and more.
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Obstetrical Anesthesiology Unit (Director: Dr. S. Evron)
The unit is integrated into the delivery ward and headed by a faculty member who is board approved in anesthesia as well as in obstetrics and gynecology. Services are offered on a 24 hour basis. All parturients in whom no contraindications are present are offered epidural anesthesia and the current rate of this type of anesthesia is 65 %.

Gyne-Oncology Unit (Director: Dr. T. Levy)
The unit provides comprehensive services in diagnosis, management and follow up of gynecological cancer patients. The whole spectrum of gyne-oncology surgery is handled by three gyne-oncologists, one fellow and one resident. Chemotherapy is given on the gynecological ward.

Ultrasound (Director: Dr. G. Malinger)
The ultrasound unit handles over 4.000 examinations annually and provides the full spectrum of diagnostic and invasive antenatal procedures. Services are provided by two experienced ultrasonographists, one resident and one technician. At the disposition of the unit are 7 ultrasound machines.

Reproductive Medicine (Director: Prof. D. Levran)
The In vitro fertilization unit handles close to 500 annual treatment cycles and provides the whole spectrum of services of assisted reproductive technologies, some of them unique in Israel (cytoplasmatic transfer). The unit is staffed by a four senior physicians and one resident. A modern service and research lab is headed by an experienced embryologist, one of the pioneers of IVF in Israel. The staff also includes two technicians, a nurse and a secretary.

The Israeli Treatment Center for Victims of Sexual Assault
In November 2000, the first center for the treatment of sexual assault victims in Israel was established at the Wolfson Medical Center. This was made possible by the initiative of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and based on concerted efforts of the Department of Social Work, the Ministry of Internal Security, the High Command of the Israel Police, the National Institute of Forensic Medicine, the Attorney Generals` Office of the State of Israel, the Rape Crisis Center, and the leading women organizations in the country.
The purpose of the center is to provide comprehensive care for victims of sexual assault at one location. Psychological support and advanced medical care, including prophylactic treatments for pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, hepatitis and AIDS, as well as expert evidence collection are provided at no cost for the victim. Dedicated physicians from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and social workers are available 24 hours a day.

Neonatology Unit (Director : Dr. David Kohelet)
While the Neonatology Unit is an integral part of the Departmentof Pediatrics, the unit works in closest collaboration with the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. The Neonatology Unit is one of the most advanced in the country. It is capable to provide care for 80 neonates and premature babies. The unit includes 9 intensive care positions and is fully equipped to deal with the complete spectrum of pathologies. The unit is staffed by five faculty members, two residents and spezialized nurses. The smallest neonate, cared for by the unit weighted at delivery 300 grams and was discharged at a weight of 2,500 grams in good health.

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